GRANNY 3: The Twins!! FGTeeV vs. Bob & Buck the Diamond Thieves
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  • Buddy Franco
    Buddy Franco

    Add with guest and grandpa and granny are in the game

  • Buddy Franco
    Buddy Franco

    The guy taser is name bob not grandpa from granny 2

  • Amelia Cadogan
    Amelia Cadogan

    I can’t stop watching your videos you are the best LV-homer ever

  • Tan Liliana
    Tan Liliana

    Press guestt

  • Tan Liliana
    Tan Liliana

    PLz play the twins again There is new update with you knew right there is there both

  • Mikayla Ramires
    Mikayla Ramires

    No no no no no

  • Reinhart Jeep
    Reinhart Jeep

    The twins is backstory of grandpa and brother when grandpa was young

  • X18GalaxyZ YT
    X18GalaxyZ YT

    Duddy: granny chapter 3 Me: but there is no granny in it

  • S&A


  • Amr Negm
    Amr Negm

    Minecraft 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Rababa Salwan
    Rababa Salwan

    Sorry for your loss today but thank you 🙏 you for coming today and thank you Voor het eerst geldig

    • Abagail William
      Abagail William

      They didn't die

    • au shun yu
      au shun yu

      The first place is a little while I have a little while in my first class but it was a

  • beyond blessed
    beyond blessed


  • J B
    J B

    Finish the twins

  • Slavomira Dandasova
    Slavomira Dandasova


  • Isabella Hickman
    Isabella Hickman

    Buck kinda looks like a villager Yayyyy

  • Zoey Havanese
    Zoey Havanese

    Why I see call of duty double kill

  • Avatar Aang
    Avatar Aang


  • Xrysa Xrysou
    Xrysa Xrysou

    Misin coco !

  • B Namp
    B Namp

    Cool !

  • B Namp
    B Namp


  • Jackson keller
    Jackson keller

    The one with the taser, his name is buck, and the thick thies man is bob. (They are brothers, twins actually)

  • Jung Austin
    Jung Austin

    The gun in the twins to the shotgun in the granny thing is the same thing like the twins gun

  • Jung Austin
    Jung Austin

    If fgteev had to do is they needed to get all thing that was stolen and the color key are for the the door that it needed to get out of there house

  • Mr. Irosh & Evil Macale Horror Games
    Mr. Irosh & Evil Macale Horror Games

    The Twins New Update Granny And Grandpa

  • rebecca5912

    Granny and grandpa are in the game when you go on guest mode

  • Ava Bowden
    Ava Bowden


  • Irfan Konicanin
    Irfan Konicanin

    hahaha you guys are so funny hahahahahahahahhaha

  • Deraw Bakhtiyar
    Deraw Bakhtiyar


  • Camila Gacha
    Camila Gacha

    I think he said f*** 2. Times

  • Arkan

    3:34 this made me laugh so hard all my dunks are gone

  • Cheryl Prosser
    Cheryl Prosser

    I never knew that there's a chapter 3 so I downloaded chapter 3 and played it and then I whached this video

    • my heart
      my heart


  • josef huso
    josef huso


  • gamerbro


  • Augustas Malakauskas
    Augustas Malakauskas

    that fat one was bob and that thick one was buck

  • Avani Gamez
    Avani Gamez


  • bb cookie letplay
    bb cookie letplay


  • Shaya Nzi
    Shaya Nzi

    I. Love. Fgteev Shawn. He. Is. So. Cute😃😘😋🥰😍🤒💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    I didnt expect to see the Call of Duty Mobile Double Kill logo

  • Christine Brown
    Christine Brown

    My mam is mad. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Just cause 3 fan
    Just cause 3 fan

    play with guests on

  • Eunice Cano
    Eunice Cano

    The walking thing is so cool

  • Enrique Candelaria
    Enrique Candelaria

    In the baldi's basic map

  • Enrique Candelaria
    Enrique Candelaria

    Make more Garry's Mod videos

  • ANGEL Animation
    ANGEL Animation

    omg that scrary me so bad😦

  • Francine Dinah Porcalla
    Francine Dinah Porcalla

    Why did you guys didn't download word scapes

  • Lucid Robin
    Lucid Robin

    Asdfgjhjjkkll;’ 09988877665554433322221`asdfghhjkklzxcvbnm,./v

  • Simon Farrell
    Simon Farrell

    I haven’t watched fgtv for ages

  • Penelope Samson
    Penelope Samson

    FGTEE???!? Yeah dude Sean OK ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yay

  • Sabrina Johnson
    Sabrina Johnson

    Those are the twins

  • Sup Fans
    Sup Fans

    Love your vids

  • Olive Null
    Olive Null

    Double kill😏😏

  • Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?
    Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?


  • Emmi Bannister
    Emmi Bannister

    Wow wow

  • Tia Mata
    Tia Mata


  • jarred capistrano
    jarred capistrano


  • hisoka


  • hisoka

    Fgteev to the same person

  • Canales Family
    Canales Family

    I'm surprised nobody commented on how he actually guessed the right four digit code that was crazy I was like how did he do it how

  • Sabrina Johnson
    Sabrina Johnson

    That's different people

  • Sabrina Johnson
    Sabrina Johnson

    Bro that's not them

  • Morgan Roten
    Morgan Roten


  • Gloria Smith
    Gloria Smith

    I am so happy to see you in your home or at least a couple of days I wish that I can like And subscribe but I can't my mom doesn't let me

  • Mamikon Yeranosyan
    Mamikon Yeranosyan

    4:47 was so funny

  • Hmadah Alip
    Hmadah Alip

    المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.المس مقطعًا مع الاستمرار لتثبيته. ستُحذف المقاطع التي تمت إزالة تثبيتها بعد ساعة واحدة.

  • Hmadah Alip
    Hmadah Alip

    Soskdiqo and the other hand

  • Борис Тосков
    Борис Тосков

    Ad two player mod in GOOZY that isn't for mony please.

  • Nathalie Muluba
    Nathalie Muluba

    Bob: just kiding r names r called twins twins buck: just kidding r names the bob: twins

    • Rihley Jamialahmadi
      Rihley Jamialahmadi


    • Rihley Jamialahmadi
      Rihley Jamialahmadi




  • Kristie Rose
    Kristie Rose

    Shawn: you fat buck people named buck: hello darkness my old friend

    • Lizzie Harris
      Lizzie Harris

      I'm mad

  • Dee Wol
    Dee Wol

    This video is really funny I really want you guys to play more of the twins

  • KZYY08 FilalALUX
    KZYY08 FilalALUX


  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza

    Hi ayesha

  • Bingo Lewis
    Bingo Lewis


  • David Jairra Magnaye
    David Jairra Magnaye

    Wow dudy you are so dam

  • Jack Lafferty
    Jack Lafferty

    The one you call bib is buck and you buck is bob

  • Mami Mane
    Mami Mane

    Whos playing and watching 😂

  • Allan Balite
    Allan Balite

    that the call of duty double kill

  • Bjourne Jharred Oracion
    Bjourne Jharred Oracion

    On granny house chapter 2 she said bob I see you

  • Talmadge Bundage
    Talmadge Bundage

    14:02 😂😂 7:55 🐀🤣 5:06 🤢🤮

  • Калоян Чиликов
    Калоян Чиликов


  • Føxy the pirate Føx 1018
    Føxy the pirate Føx 1018


  • Snowyreindeer

    I love how Shawn gets tased in fast mode

  • CoolGamer

    when fgteev says guy then it was a girl 11:37

  • LegendaryJoe

    why did you put up mr doubtfire

  • Cerone Lacey
    Cerone Lacey

    Buck is the skinny one in Bob’s the fat one

  • Sana Taha Mohammed
    Sana Taha Mohammed

    Like real

  • Sana Taha Mohammed
    Sana Taha Mohammed

    I am scared to play horror games

  • charlie reppond
    charlie reppond


  • DoctorDoggo o:
    DoctorDoggo o:

    9:45 your a case reader not a mind reader

  • MV

    End me

  • Baby Dude Explores
    Baby Dude Explores

    GG brother

  • Føxy the pirate Føx 1018
    Føxy the pirate Føx 1018

    Please make a part 2!!!!!

  • Safa Safi
    Safa Safi

    2: 58 did dudz say the f word!!!!😱

    • Hadi

      Who said bucking duck

  • Panot 123
    Panot 123

    Hey that double kill sign is from call of duty mobile

  • Larry Saul
    Larry Saul

    Hello ih Dakota

  • Ayden F u
    Ayden F u


  • Ayden F u
    Ayden F u


  • Wow wow wow Jdkdnjd
    Wow wow wow Jdkdnjd

    Who remembers when Shawn was little and the went to sponge bobs pineapple and the stayed in it

    • Jaylin has fun
      Jaylin has fun

      E I remember he bumped into the glass

  • Haifa Segeir
    Haifa Segeir

    You bad at this game but that's ok you need to lesson

  • Haifa Segeir
    Haifa Segeir

    We got the cheeeeeese😂😂😂

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