AMONG US is Cyborg FeeGee IMPOSTOR! Airship Map Update!! (FGTeeV Returns)
I was locked away in a dungeon and now I'm back playing Among Us with the Fam! ;)
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    EC Studios Archive

    The bad thing is that they will think that this is new and not a reference to the Henry stickmin collection

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    MAGGWP HK salas

    ? Why is that airship. Edit TV. You friends. Fely?

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    Mark Lloyd Lazaga

    Chase is helping the cheater

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  • Amelka Sałata
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    Hi fgteev i love you

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    L s, Eqrvaposkd bi J jhocd. 🚤🚦🚖🦽🚥🗼🎢🦽🏖🚛🏚🛻🏣🛖🚡🏔🚥✈️🚘🏖🛥🚝🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚦🚥🚦🚦🚧⛽️🎢🎢

  • Lourd Jamir Anonuevo
    Lourd Jamir Anonuevo

    Great job dude you always be good youtuber but i fail you you not add me on roblox pls let's play among us

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    View IPTV

    Sooooo FUNNY

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    Chris Campbell

    I haven't Watch You in a Year The last time I Watched you I Was 7

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    Chris Campbell

    Try new games

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell

    Play more among us

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    Stephanie Lucas

    It's based on the Henry stickman collection

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    Where were y’all?

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    I have your guys micorphone

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    Wyee fgteev dint, quit LV-home

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    Fgteev do a remix ahahahahahahahahahah

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    Shawn : FeeGee You are so anoying Duddz : Laughter

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    saki sani

    Hi guys

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    Xiaohong Chen

    10:00 had me dying

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    Somebody callen my phone: 7:18

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    No one talking about how old lexi is now wasnt she like 4 yesterday

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    “Ew plaper HAHAHAHAHA” PLSS

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    Airship among us

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    My grandpa lives in Georgia

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    Steven Suprise

    I like the Among Us air ship map I have done it before and it was a little tricky to swipe to open the door do you have to do that if G TV

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    loh yoyo

    Mommy was a Imposter at the 2 game.

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    Erick Gonzalez

    l Like the Airship map in Among us

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    Darren Göedelman

    You're literally so nevermind oh you know those like I know you haven't played him understand the Royal but what you have to do is go to the flashing Arrow

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    i this part 10:27

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    Austin Wallace

    by the wat i your biggest fan

  • Austin Wallace
    Austin Wallace

    in one of your vids u sed u would make a squishy toy i think it should be one of ape chase u were yousing spider man :)

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    Beverly Shane Layam

    I have a classmate because his name Justin I called Him Justin beaver

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    Key Zombie

    Gap room is where lex vented that you said gap room it is vault ok

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    @10.28 pregnent

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    So fgeetv I play the airship to you now

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    Hi!!! Rainbowx!!!!!

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    You Are Cool And Funny

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    I have wuch your videos for years 🥺

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    I remember the first time I watched you guys was when I couldn’t beat a Skylanders giants level 😂

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    I be watching you video like all the time

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    Why would you say the power rubbing someone’s feet

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    Toxic TV is sus

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    you guys are always funny

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    how did you get that Cyborg skin? :/

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    Sonic exe do it

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    JamesPlayzRobloxAmongUs _

    bruh the part where he says I saw feegee in the chat th whole family didn’t know imao 6:50

    • Riley Soloma
      Riley Soloma

      Its actually in 7:11

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    Karen Barela Ojeda

    Great for you after TVs good job on Roblox

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    Oh my God trying to just let them up you were born November 17th and I was born November 17th that's just crazy but I'm 9

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    Roman Polyak

    know Shan. Know how to spell

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    Roman Polyak

    Shawn is so loud

  • Roman Polyak
    Roman Polyak

    Call screaming so loud my eardrum or’s

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    Fnsethan on yt

    10:00 When I get a match on tinder and we meet up, But when I propose she says no.

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    Matthew Wohl

    hey duddy u should play a game called suspect it is just like among us but with with voice chat

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    Rebecca Carr

    Hello fgteev I have been reading your 2 books And I love them so much I want you to make more Dear kaleb

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    My name is sawn

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    I havent gotten any of your toys and books because i dont have any money to buy it

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    Comment if you watching this vid right now

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    lol so funny

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    Bat new map it's from Henry Stickmin inflating the airship dummies

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    Chase is 2 years he's said dafuq

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    Lex is imposter agin

  • abijith ss
    abijith ss

    Lex is imposter

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    Ixtille playz Among us

    I got that map too fgteev

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      Mert Gavin Penida

      Fgteev!!! Henry stick part2 and part3 airship henry stickmin 10minets pps or else

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    jack plaz in life

    Its so funny when fgteev add shawn the song that say farting babies 😯😣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    then show me

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    I want innersloth to change the talking in among us to the old version where the airship was out yet but I still want the ship out

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    2:39 OMG

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    I love lex ❤️♥️😍😍😍😍