PIGGY GOOZY? Thanksgiving Gurkey Update + Lights Out Mode (FGTeeV Fan Art Gameplay #4)
We have our first update for Goozy and it's GURKEY!!! After we take a brief peek at what's new, we check out DISCORD Fan Art & see some Odd1sOut, Piggy & Among Us themed Goozy art and MORE! Join the Discord: discord.com/invite/RM8EW9V
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.

  • Makai Dowdell
    Makai Dowdell

    I play ape Chase in Guzzi

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    Kathy Hernandez

    My name starts with a K Katherine

  • Kathy Hernandez
    Kathy Hernandez

    My name is Catherine plus I love your show which is actually a video.

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      @D'wayne Deese A M O G U S

    • D'wayne Deese
      D'wayne Deese

      Jsjjw jsn SJSU suns sjsnns scs bsAnd I like among us like you

    • D'wayne Deese
      D'wayne Deese


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  • Mr lion 1235
    Mr lion 1235

    Please put Ollie in goozy

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    Rodel Gatdula

    and Use starcode FGTEEV use it use it now

  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    and pink sheep has a son called purple shep shep is dumb so he doesnt know

  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    do u know expoding tnt hes a mouse and youtuber and makes minecraft machinimas

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    Joe Blood915

    What do you mean cat show up

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    spooder man

    dude has odd1sout in the thumbnail

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    Team Wood

    Please like a light Friday my kid

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    Liam Lim

    I can't get the gurkey tool and gurkey goozy

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    عمر الجعيدي

    @FGTeeV i💜💙💚💛🧡❤U FeeGeeV

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    Me not being able to play because I'm on Windows 10:

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  • kingomar albakri
    kingomar albakri

    Hey figi you're books awsome I got one its saves the world

  • pdubb516

    I love the artist absolutely amazing the are is the that's the most greatest RI have ever seen the people that did it and are in the, you outdid yourself and I and I love the game fgteev you did a great job keep up the good work with the great games and here's one thing I love about the game so much even when it's on easy mode it can still be challenging that that proves that you put True Blood tears and sweat into it and that is what I love you have been my favorite LV-homer and I will always stick by your side and I love what you did with this game fgteev you always you always have us and you always have your fgteevers keep up the good work

  • Monica Tenaz
    Monica Tenaz


  • chungyen chungyen
    chungyen chungyen

    Ummmm i think i found a bug because i type gurkey but when i typed gu then i press r then u dissapear please fix it fgteev!

  • Sourav Ghosh
    Sourav Ghosh


  • ramon reyes
    ramon reyes

    how do u know the odd1sout

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    Only please can I use the code key for only one day

  • Abdul Ahad
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  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    The code doesn't work for me I am so angry

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  • Fortnite player And dayden
    Fortnite player And dayden

    I don’t like the dark but I like the multitool it’s cool because It is a flashlight

  • Vitz Extraz
    Vitz Extraz

    Nobody notice there’s a grunt from madness combat

  • Michelle Halimnasserie
    Michelle Halimnasserie

    FGTEV yesterday me and my brother play GOOZY but my if my brother download happy mood every if my brother spent more money he's coins got more so download happy mood if you play gacha life with happy mood your money is much idk if you know gacha life so okay bye I'm gonna continue watching FGTEE V

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan

    Piggy Will be in Guzy

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    Julia Alvarez

    You guys are the best

  • walkthedead 43
    walkthedead 43

    Dodge builder family you did good on how about that it was me I convinced because I love that song I watch it every single morning we're not every single morning just I love and love and love that song you should make more of that song but a different diss track of your whole family Sean Mommy yeah I don't forgot who big noodles and I forgot the rest of your family members names

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  • Irham Danil
    Irham Danil


  • Irham Danil
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  • Desiree Nichols
    Desiree Nichols

    A girky key in the game.

  • B N Chhibber
    B N Chhibber

    Chase and lex were looking so cool 😍😍

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  • Robowarrior

    Can you make a never part 5 of Guzy

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    Marquita Smith

    Play Avo again!!!!!

  • Kalfuyama

    8:45 :')

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    Andrew Pena

    What does that mean?????????????????????????

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    Hi there is a new phone number for the phone call

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    Roblox world!!!

    I put code Gurkey and it did not work😪😪😪😪😪😪

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    Wow day have been Work i love you

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    Aybars M.

    Was that theodd1sout A.K.A james in the picture

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    Super Lightining

    The code is nothing

  • fitria utamakomputer
    fitria utamakomputer

    PIGGY GOOZY? Thanksgiving Gurkey Update + Lights Out Mode (FGTeeV Fan Art Gameplay #4)

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    I can’t use the code gurkey

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    Arthur Moreira Finamore

    Fgteev Make a part 3 on goozy

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    James Skinner

    I like the piggy one to

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  • Борис Тосков
    Борис Тосков

    Ad two player mod in GOOZY that isn't for mony please.

  • Artic Fox
    Artic Fox

    One time I was in a buffet And doge looks like willaim Afton in it's pixel form

  • Prabanand M.K.
    Prabanand M.K.

    gurkey, i love it,gurkey

  • vandana barak
    vandana barak

    Ur code gurkey is not working.........

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  • Alexandra Gilbert
    Alexandra Gilbert


  • Alexandra Gilbert
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    The code isn’t working

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    URL4 real

    I played the game it is crazy fun

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    Where am I gonna use the code turkey code

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    😎Cool game

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    U have a great time to be in the world is a great day to be the first to be in the only thing I can see it in a few days later and the other day to be in the world to be a few days ago and I have a few years back in a good day and night and I have to get it done on a good time to be a good time with the same thing as the same thing as the same thing as

  • Laraib Shaikh
    Laraib Shaikh

    *Me not being able to play because I had no storage when this came out*

  • Prism Beam
    Prism Beam

    Pls bring back ur skylanders I miss it pls return

  • Ilikeallyoutchube

    I used it in 4/25/2021 but I didn’t get any 😭😓

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    O my

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    Please pick me up

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    Oscar Casillas

    grandma don't play, go home, I just want to be ugly


    Sans +. Goozy = 11:03

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    Nathan Nuke

    Lol smashed fgteev’s comment cuz it isn’t pinned lol

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    Pro game PKXD gamer

    Hehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

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    Got to Itofhifgidtio klpp

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    KTV I just got fgteev Goofy

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    I feel like fgteev duddy is bald cuz he wears hats all the time l dont wanna be mean tho

  • Manal Atia Saleh
    Manal Atia Saleh

    IM DEAD I LOVE THIS GAME but I uninstalled it😭🌿 I will download it soon dont worry🤝🌺

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    Phill playz

    Thought you made the game

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    Jaztin's Vlog

    Ok ur half bald

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    Brendon Friesen Shawn is not a girl XD

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    I was scared of the game but i wont play it i was scared

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    FgteevI am real give me a Roblox cause scribe you 10000000000000000000 box please

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